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You Can't Cheat Death:

Every year we try to find ways to save on our taxes, we cheat on tax forms to save money or to get money back, we lie, cheat on others and always try to find the best way out of everything and anything, but just as sure as you are born you will die. Yes, we all have a number and that day will come and we want be able to cheat our way out of death no matter how hard we try, it's not up to us!

God is the Giver of Life and Death and He has died on the Cross for our sins, so we may have the right to the tree of life to live with Him in Heaven forever.

Cheating is not the way for anything, but we as humans born in sin, our flesh is so quick to do the evil things of this world first before we even think about it we have committed a sin.
Oh my! Thank God we can ask for forgiveness.

Suffering will end, but blessings will endure forever. Read 2 Corinthians 4:16-18, remember before reading pray and ask God for understanding of His Holy Word.

One day we must all face our maker which is God Almighty and we need to be ready so we must start now because The Word of God says that no man shall know the day nor the hour The Son of Man shall come, don't let Him catch you with your work undone.

If God has given you a talent or gift you must use that gift unto God to the best of your ability. Walk into your destiny in which God has called you to, this world has nothing to offer you. I challenge you today to be who God has called you to be and take up the cross and follow Jesus, you want be sorry and start building on where you will spend Internal Life!

To God Be The Glory For The Things That He has Done!
Prophetess Dr. Deborah Ford, Th.D.

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Don't forget to listen to: Gospel Hallelujah  7 days a week on
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