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Anna Neal Coday
B&J Records


 B & J Records is quickly earning a solid reputation in the Soul Blues Musicb Industry. B & J Records was founded by the Late "Bill Coday" as President and C.E.O., and "Joe Hudson" as Vice-President in Memphis, TN in May of 2005. The label opened with its first release being "Jump Start" by Label's President "Bill Coday". The next artist signed to the label was "Ms. Karen Wolfe". "Ms. Wolfe" was discovered by the 1st Lady of the Company "Mrs. Anna Coday" while "Ms. Wolfe" was singing background behind the Queen of the Blues � "Denise LaSalle". "Karen" had sung background for "Denise LaSalle" for 12 years before making her debut on the music scene as a solo artist. "Ms. Wolfe" debut release was entitled "First Time Out" with the lead off song being "Back Door Love Affair" which established her on the scene.
On June 7th,2008 the label suffered a great lost. The lost of the label's C.E.O. Mr. Bill Coday. Quickly stepping up to the plate to carry on the duty of the C.E.O. was the 1st Lady, Anna Coday. Anna and Karen's determination not to let Bill's hard work go in vain and to carry on his legacy they quickly went back to the lab. With the help of fellow artist Omar Cunningham and Robert B. Harris, Jr., the birth of the label�s and Karen�s #1 hit was born that being "Man Enough�. "
Growing With the Community
"Mrs. Coday" brings to the label more than 20 years of experience in the business. Her experience includes but not limited to: Concert Promoter, Marketing & Promotions, Club Owner, Record Store Owner and Management. Artists currently signed to the Label are: Karen Wolfe - Soul Blues James Smith - Blues