Herschel E. Dwellingham/ENLIGHTENMENT

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ENLIGHTENMENT BIO/LINER NOTES Herschel Edmond Dwellingham was born in Bogalusa LA . He is simply a music man indeed: producer, director, writer, arranger, drummer and singer. He wants the world to know that he was inspired by the people he learned from, worked with and performed with. The style he has today was developed by his exposure to so many friends: Bert Keys, John Tropea, Gordon Edwards, Cornell Dupree, Richard Tee, Rudy Stevenson, Jerry Jemott, Wardell Quezergue, Bob Babbitt, Don Gardner, Grover Washington, Hiram Law Bullock, Earl Palmer (he gave Herschel his first pair of drumsticks), Phil Medley, Charlie and Irene Conrad and Jeff Kawalek of House of Music in West Orange NJ, Paul Lecker, Buddy Scott, Allen Dawson and many more musicians and industry people, too many to mention in this small space. In producing and performing on his new CD Enlightenment, Herschel wants to share his Buddhist beliefs in love, appreciation, dedication, belonging, believing, romance, feeling full and free|

ALL TRUE MAN was written by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. Herschel fell in love with this song when it was performed by Alexander O'Neal and Cherrelle on his album of the same name. Being a producer, writer and arranger, Herschel thought it was a real winner and wanted it on his CD. Hel put his own brand of funk on it and the song suits him well.

FEELING GOOD This song gives one the feeling that everything is all right, in order, in step with life. It truly makes you feel good; makes you want to move, groove and be alive.

NEW LIFE This first piece represents the beginning of a new walk in the life of Buddhism and enters Herschel's realm, a bold step into renewal of spirit. It reveals a new strength and new vision, with a flavor of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Ann Sowell